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Sun Spots & Sun Damage



Being in the sun is part and parcel of being a South African, and as such we at SAI see many cases of Sun Spots and Sun Damage. The team at SAI have developed numerous treatment options to treat your specific condition*:


Sun spots are dark, flat patches of skin that need accurate treatment.

Each symptom needs to be treated effectively for your expected result and as such the team at SAI will customise a treatment plan using the following treatment options:


Sun spots are dark, flat patches of skin that need accurate treatment to resolve, whereas sun damage requires a more holistic approach to revitalise your skin. In most cases patients ask for the correction of sun spots and opt to rejuvenation too.


It is important that you Book an appointment and visit SAI and let the team customise a treatment plan to suit not only your desired result but also your budget. We can have you looking blemish free and revitalised in no time.


* Results and potential risks of our treatments do vary from person to person. We do NOT guarantee results or that results may be achievable. Dr Clark will discuss your expectations and outcomes during your consultation.