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Skin resurfacing from the inside out


Silkpeel is a revolutionary new treatment option for skin problems including:


What makes Silkpeel so special?

Silkpeel is able to achieve long lasting results*.

The procedure involves delivering vitamins, antioxidants and other ingredients not onto, but into your skin, where it is needed most. The process is called Dermal-Infusion. Basically the treatment exfoliates your skin and infuses your chosen serum into the deep skin for long lasting, clear, blemish free skin. Each serum is designed with specific treatments and indications in mind. They are clinically tested and proven to achieve long lasting results*.

Acne treatments that work

Your results may vary from the photos above.


The area in which Silkpeel improves upon other peel treatments is that you can treat multiple problems simultaneously with dual serums and does so with minimal pain and no downtime. For the patients this means a shorter treatment plan with multiple results using the latest and safest technology.


As with most Aesthetic treatments you need to discuss your desired outcomes with the team at SAI for them to complete a specific treatment protocol for you. Most often patients combine Silkpeel treatments with other aesthetic procedures like Injections, Lasers (Palomar), IPL and Dermal Fillers .


Many patients benefit from visiting Dr Clark and the SAI team to have a customised treatment plan worked out for them. If you are interested in Silkpeel treatments please book an appointment and let the team of experts customise a treatment protocol tailored to you.


* Results and potential risks of our treatments do vary from person to person. We do NOT guarantee results or that results may be achievable. Dr Clark will discuss your expectations and outcomes during your consultation.



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