Vampire Facial

The Vampire facial

Harnessing the natural healing power of your body

The Vampire facial took its name because your own blood is used in the treatment cycle.

Vampire Facial

Harness the natural healing power of your body

The Vampire facial took its name because your own blood is used in the treatment cycle. Once the components that make up blood have been separated through using centrifugal force, we can extract the Platelet Rich Plasma.

What exactly is PRP Therapy?

Platelets are the “sticky glue” that stops bleeding when you hurt yourself.

Their other job is to promote wound healing and repair. **

Once re-injected, your body stimulates collagen and elastin production at the treatment site. **

We are effectively harnessing the natural healing power of your body.

PRP Therapy is an ideal treatment option for:

  • Eyes
  • Neck
  • Hands
  • Décolletage
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Textural damage
  • Dull dry skin
  • Thinning hair

Step 1: Micro-Injections

PRP is injected into your skin. This is essentially reinjecting your own platelets, now activated, into your skin.

The process enables your body to heal itself & begin to produce new, youthful & undamaged skin.  *

Step 2: The Healing Cascade

The Healing Cascade is stimulated via the process of multiple injections to the skin.

This natural process floods the target area that has been injected with the plasma, & creates an environment whereby collagen productions is stimulated. **

Dr Alastair Clark

Dr Clark has presented at numerous international congresses in Europe, Asia and South Africa.

His interpretation of the aesthetic need and facial assessment, combined with advanced injection and moulding techniques yield previously unattained results for non-surgical techniques.


How does Dr Clark perform PRP therapy?

Dr Clark will use a PRP kit from CelluVance to harvest some plasma from your own body, he will then activate this plasma.

After the PRP platelets are activated, they mimic the wound healing cascade (as with Fractional Laser, Dermal Rolling and other type procedures). This cascade is a natural body response but when activated with PRP therapy it hastens recovery, due to the increased formation of collagen. ** , *

CelluVance is a PRP kit that uses your own blood to stimulate this healing cascade and subsequent collagen formation. Other makes of PRP kit are available on the world market today, and each has their own harvest methods, but SAI have chosen to introduce CelluVance into the practice due to the fact that using your own blood ensures no risk of contamination or risk of transmittable diseases. *

Is the Vampire Facial (PRP Therapy) safe?

Admittedly the downtime is a little longer using this technique however we will discuss everything during your consultation.

How many treatments are required?

The treatment cycle depends on the person being treated and the indication. Usually three or four treatments are required separated by three to four weeks. *


Specific results of our products can vary from person to person.

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Results of our treatments are specific and do vary from person to person. Dr Clark will discuss your expectations during your consultation and work out a customised treatment plan tailored for you needs and budget.
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