Proellixe Vibration

Strengthen, Slim & Energize

Firm up your muscle core with non-impact vibration treatments.

Proellixe Vibration

Strengthen, Slim & Energize

Firm up your muscle core, improve bone density and get in shape with Proellixe Vibration non-impact vibration treatments.

Feel the vibration and enjoy the benefits.

“Passive” exercise is a well studied treatment protocol.

With constant vibration your muscles stretch and contract, promoting strength and improved muscle tone.

The benefit is that your entire body is exercised without an increased heart rate, perspiration or lactic acid build up.

Undergoing Proellixe Vibration treatment can aid in:

  • Getting in shape
  • Cellulite treatment
  • Improved muscle tone
  • Bone density
  • Weight loss

Try it to believe it…Take the Challenge!

The Proellixe Vibration platform has a vibrational tilting motion and not a wobbling vibration, which means that even if you suffer from back pain, herniated discs, or problems on the joints, you can safely use the platform and obtain all its benefits. **

It’s possible to get a great workout in only ten minutes.

Excellent remodeling, draining, firming and muscle strengthening results are also obtained. *

The platform is equipped with chromotherapy.

Easy: just stand up on the platform holding the handle bar.

Fun: just “feel” the action of the “waving motion spreading throughout the body”.

Comfort: no physical strain to achieve one’s goal.


How long is a session?

The preset programs allow to easily use the equipment without having to be literally “coached” except for the first session when one of our therapists will guide you.

All preset sessions are divided into three periods of

  • start up / conditioning,
  • action / target,
  • finish / cool down.

Most sessions last 10 minutes.

A World of Combination Treatments

Combining areas very often offers more cost effective treatments that treat specific areas such as bottocks, thighs and tummy. You may also benefit from cellulite reduction, fat reduction & skin lifting or choose to target hair and leg vein removal.

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CelluCare Mesotherapy Treatments in Sandton

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Fight Cellulite & Fat.

Results of our treatments are specific and do vary from person to person.

Dr Clark will discuss your expectations during your consultation and work out a customised treatment plan tailored for you needs and budget.

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