Chemical Peels

Improve and Smooth Your Skin Texture

Chemical peels are available in various strengths and utilising various acids.

Chemical Peels

Improve and Smooth Your Skin Texture

A Chemical Peel is a skin resurfacing technique that is available in various strengths and utilising various acids, for gentle to deep skin exfoliation.

From specialised treatments to our popular 20 minute Lunchtime Peel

Chemical Peels are used to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, improve the appearance of minor scars, treat some types of acne, as well as reduce areas of sun damage, freckles or dark patches.

It is important to have a full skin type evaluation by the team at SAI to tailor a specific treatment protocol to not only suit your desired outcome but your budget too.

Dr Clark recommends a chemical peel for the treatment of:

  • Pigmentation problems
  • Scaring
  • Skin resurfacing
  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Sun spots
  • Sun damage
  • Minor Acne

The Lunchtime Peel

Our 20 minute lunchtime chemical skin peel procedure can assist to smooth out and rejuvenate your skin.

A treatment plan usually involves a few return visits but most patients notice an improvement in their skin quality after the first treatment.*

The world-famous Milk Peel from Dermaceutic

The Milk Peel revolutionises the superficial peel procedure and uses a combination of three acids in a single solution: Glycolic, Lactic & Salicylic acid, all combine in a single treatment to impact multiple layers in the skin for exfoliation.

The treatment is renowned for being quick & easy; but the best part is that there is zero social-downtime and your skin does not physically peel.

Suitable for all skin types, you can benefit from a reduction in visible lines, an improvement in skin-tone & complexion.*

Clinical Results **

  • 92% of clients’ skin was scaled to be more luminous after only two treatments.
  • 100% of clients reported significant improvement in frown line depth after a single treatment.
  • 83% of clients reported increased skin radiance & improved skin-tone after three treatments.

The NeoStrata Pro System Retinol Peel

The NeoStrata Pro System Retinol Peel is a chemical peel that contains 3% Retinol & also a Retinol Boosting Complex.

The benefits of undergoing this specific chemical peel is a marked improvement in skin exfoliation for a reduction in visibility of fine lines & wrinkles, improved skin firmness & complexion.*

Retinol is also a fantastic treatment option for those suffering with acne. At SAI we are absolutely confident that the NeoStrata Pro System Retinol Peel will clear acne within 2 to 3 treatments.*

Skin-Tech TCA Peels

Skin-Tech TCA peels are considered an advanced peel solution synonymous with serious skincare. Ranging from 15% to 40% concentration, with a typical recovery time of 6-8 days.

Skin-Tech TCA peels cause the top layer of skin to separate and peel off. The new regenerated skin underneath is usually smoother, less aged and more even in both tone and colour than the old skin cells that have accumulated at the surface over time. *


What is a Chemical Peel?

Chemical Peels consist of a chemical solution which is commonly applied to the face, neck and or hands. The aim of a chemical peel is to improve the appearance of the skin. It does this by causing the ‘old’ skin to slough off and allowing smoother and new skin to surface. The process of incorporating forms of exfoliation to reveal un-aged skin, is often called “Skin Resurfacing”. *

Are Chemical Peels safe?

Dr Clark’s Chemical peels are considered safe in most people. *

Of course there are some Chemical Peels that require close attention to detail to ensure a safe result but the team at SAI are well versed in safety protocol.

How long do treatments take?

Our Lunchtime Peels usually takes between 20 and 30 minutes.

Post Treatment

Avoid applying greasy or oily lotions which may damage or cause irritation to your new fresh layer of skin.

This is especially important in the time directly after your peel as you want to avoid doing damage or causing infection. This can include sun creams, as the majority of them contain harsh ingredients. Refer to our recommended Homecare Products below.

What is a NeoStrata Retinol Peel?

Retinol is the technical name given to Vitamin A and it does come in various strengths & at varying purity & concentrations – these variations will influence how Retinol affects your skin.

The Retinol Peel procedure explained

The NeoStrata Pro System Retinol Peel is applied at SAI & then washed off at home 8 hours later.

Once removed clients can expect to experience some mild skin peeling for 3 to 4 days, during which time we at SAI recommend gentle daily cleansing & mild moisturising to aid the new fresh skin appearing on the surface. The NeoStrata Restore products can assist in this regard.

It is recommended that a series of 3 treatments separated monthly will give the best & most pronounced results. This could be the exact treatment to match your anti-ageing goals, and the winter timing in the Highveld is just perfect!

Before & After photos does not guarantee specific results and the results can vary from person to person.

The Dermaceutic Milk Peel

NeoStrata Retinol Peel


Specific results of our products can vary from person to person.

Please visit our Online Store for a wide selection of Cosmeceutical Products from leading brands.

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Dr Alastair Clark

Dr Clark has presented at numerous international congresses in Europe, Asia and South Africa.

His interpretation of the aesthetic need and facial assessment, combined with advanced injection and moulding techniques yield previously unattained results for non-surgical techniques.

Results of our treatments are specific and do vary from person to person.

Dr Clark will discuss your expectations during your consultation and work out a customised treatment plan tailored for you needs and budget.

The Milk Peel

In vivo study for the efficacy of Dermaceutic peels on 63 caucasian, asian and dark skin women.
European Independent Clinical Research Organization. 2013

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